Bulk screen printing in Denver

High-Quality, Bulk Screen Printing In Denver

Screen printing as a means of mobilizing your brand has been around for centuries. It’s a highly versatile method of applying ink and custom designs to just about any type of apparel, which makes it an ideal option for businesses, non-profits, schools, and trades industries to create a uniform and eye-catching presence in the marketplace or community. As a leading provider of high-quality, bulk screen printing in Denver, we know how to help organizations just like yours take advantage of this methodology to take your brand to the next level.

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a method of print production onto garments that utilizes three simple tools: ink, a screen, and heat. At a high-level, when we’re executing a bulk screen printing order, here’s what happens:

1. Finalize The Design

The way that screen printing works requires a high-quality vector image to be transposed into mesh stencils, or screens, that will then be used to apply color to the design that will sit on top of the garment. It’s important for our bulk screen printing team to have a finalized design in a vector format in order to produce a clean and clear final project. Once the vector file has been approved by the client, we’ll move into the actual screen printing process.

2. Create The Screens

In order to transfer your design from a computer file to a tangible garment, a negative of the design will be printed over a thin, mesh stencil. Once the screens are created, with one layer for each different color that will be applied, ink can be applied.

3. Printing

The next step for a bulk screen printing order is to apply the screens to the garment so we can begin printing. We’ll position the screens appropriately and then roll high-quality ink over the screen. Because a negative of the design has been printed on the screen, only areas that are uncovered will allow ink through to then create your final design.

The ink used for bulk screen printing in Denver is a specialty product designed specifically for the screen printing process. It’s very thick to ensure full coverage, no matter the material or color of the garment it’s being applied to. This is what creates the high-quality, professional, and finished look of a screen printed piece.

4. Curing

Once the various layers of ink necessary for the completed design have been applied to the garment, we’ll cure the ink to ensure the colors don’t bleed and you get a finished product that not only looks exactly like the design, but can also withstand countless wears and washes.

Bulk Screen Printing In Denver At Out Of The Blue

Screen printed garments and apparel are a great resource for increasing brand exposure and driving attention to your organization. At Out of the Blue, we’re committed to providing you with an unparalleled customer experience, making every step of your screen printing project a positive one.

When you come to Out of the Blue for bulk screen printing in Denver, you can expect the highest quality and exceptional customer service from screen printing experts you actually have access to. At our Denver-based brick and mortar location, you can come in and talk to our team, see your project in action, and troubleshoot any questions or concerns you may have. There’s no need for 1-800 numbers and never-ending holds with OTB. We’ve got your back.

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