Thursday, 26 March 2020 13:14

Virtual Apparel Stores: Fundraising Opportunities For Your Business

Businesses, non-profits, and groups around the world are looking for opportunities to generate revenue, maintain brand awareness, and, ultimately, build connections within their communities during a time when we can’t be face-to-face. At Out of the Blue, we, too, are looking for safe ways to partner with those in our community and support their brands. One way we can do this is with our virtual, custom apparel storefronts. Let’s dive into how these work and how they can support you through this constantly changing economy.

Introducing: Virtual Apparel Stores

Out of the Blue is your trusted Denver screen printer. Our job is to help you mobilize your brand through customized apparel and promotional products. With everyone behind closed doors, the impact of branded apparel out in the community is not what it once was. Rather, in these unprecedented times, everything seems to have been flipped on its head.

In an effort to help you not only keep your brand top of mind but also increase revenue, Out of the Blue is excited to introduce to you our brand new virtual stores. We can create a virtual storefront for you where you can sell branded merchandise, products, and gift cards to generate income for your business, non-profit, or group.

Here’s how it works.

Building Your Inventory

Virtual Store

The first thing we’ll need to do is set up your artwork. Whether you want a simple logo or a customized design to represent your brand, the options are limitless. We’ll need a vector file. If you don’t have one, we can create one! Then we’ll select what garments and colors you want to have in your store. Maybe you want to sell tees and tanks to your audience. Maybe hats and jackets make more sense. Maybe you want to sell specialty items that align with your brand or your business. We can do it all.

Setting Up Your Store

Next, we’ll go over pricing for your garments and determine what the final selling price should be. We’ll then add videos, images, and other media to support your store’s presence online. Finally, we’ll get your store live. You can share a link through your email list or social media, you can embed your store on your website, or any combination of other methods of deployment to get the word out about your new virtual storefront.

Selling Your Merchandise

Once your store is live, you can begin collecting pre-orders for your customized apparel and merchandise. After the orders have come in, we’ll start printing, packing, and shipping your products directly to your audience of supporters.

Why Try A Virtual Storefront?

The economy is constantly evolving and consumers want the things they want faster and easier than ever. The new virtual apparel stores from Out of the Blue help you meet those expectations by creating an easy-to-use portal for your customers to shop from.

Faced with the recent challenges we’re experiencing as a community, these virtual stores also provide a unique and safe opportunity to raise money for your staff and provide your customers with a way to support you.

It’s simple, it’s easy, and all you have to do is share your virtual store with your network to begin doing something great!

Helping Small Businesses Thrive: Virtual Custom Apparel Stores

These new virtual stores are a great way for us to help you continue to thrive during these challenging times. Additionally, it’s a great way for us to keep revenue coming in so we can be there to support you and your brand on the other side. Together, we can get through this.

Contact us today to learn more about building your custom storefront with Out of the Blue.