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Monday, 16 July 2018 16:41

Shop Dogs: Muttley

They don’t call a dog “mans best friend” for nothing. There are many social and emotional benefits for a person to own a dog, especially having the opportunity to work alongside your dog each day. Meet Muttley. He is one of the shop dogs here at Out of the Blue. He is Blue’s family dog, and his companionship with all of us here is priceless. Although he is small, he adds abundant joy by welcoming everyone into the facility. He loves kids, knows all the distribution drivers, and gladly welcomes clients when they come to pick up their merchandise. He just turned 3 back in March, and he is the 3rd shop dog we have had.

Blue’s first dog that he would bring to work was named Slappy. He too was adored by the Grimes family and the OTB family. We had Slappy for a long time, and he had a great life. Unfortunately he died of cancer when he was around five years old. Then there was Gator, the shop dog. We had Gator for two years, until a car hit him in front of Blue’s house. Leaving Blue’s family, and the shop, with another serious void.

Blue and his wife adopted Muttley a week after Gator’s untimely death to help move on from Gator’s passing. The adoption agency said that Muttley was a Labrador, Pointer mix. But we think he is probably a Lab/Pit mix. Muttley was only 5 weeks old when he was adopted; he was rescued from New Mexico. The adoption place is called All Aboard Animal Rescue. They were actually clients of ours before the adoption took place, and they remain valued customers and friends to this day. Muttley was discovered on All Aboard Animal Rescue’s Facebook page, and he was adopted shortly after. If you are looking to adopt a best friend you can visit All Aboard’s website at http://aaanimalrescue.org/.

Blue’s wife has a cousin that trains guard dogs and he is the owner of Top Dog Protection. He takes on dogs that are too aggressive to remain with their current families and trains them to be guard dogs. He also has various obedience level training options for family dogs. Muttley got his training there beginning when he was eight weeks old. It was a month long program. We traded our screen-printing services for his dog training services. Muttley came back to us a superstar dog. He was perfectly house trained, obedient, and well read. If you are interested their services you can visit their website at https://www.denversecuritydogs.com/.

Muttley comes to work with Blue everyday. Larry, Blue’s father in law, also walks him twice a day. Muttley knows everyone that comes through our doors from the employees, to the drivers, to the clients. He truly is our brand ambassador. He loves kids, and hates car rides. During his commute to work he gets nervous and drools, but once he gets to the shop he is back to his happy self. He also likes to play with the other shop dog Frank. Frank belongs to our screen technician Nick Southwell. Muttley and Frank can usually be found wandering around the office or shop floor. They boost moral and make work that much more enjoyable. Be sure to say hello next time you’re at the shop.

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