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Choosing the right vendor is critical to the successful completion of a screen printing project. If you choose the wrong vendor, the quality of your printed products can suffer greatly. In some cases, they may even miss deadlines completely. If you’re on the search for a Denver screen printing vendor, there are some questions you need to ask to ensure you find a reputable vendor.

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There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. With all the questions surrounding the upcoming school year, the team at Out of the Blue wants to take one thing off your to-do list: face masks for school. As your trusted local garment decorator, we now proudly offer ClassMasks, which are protective student face masks designed specifically for PreK-12 students + adults, with easy customization and ordering.

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T-shirt printing is becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to increase awareness about their brand. Not only are custom t-shirts relatively inexpensive, but they’re also a long-lasting form of free advertisement. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about t-shirt printing in Denver.

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Choosing a custom embroidery provider isn’t a decision you should make lightly. Embroidery is a much more intricate art form than screen printing and your vendor will have a significant impact on the quality of the embroidered apparel you get. If you’re on the search for the best embroidery in Denver, here’s a guide to help you choose the right vendor.

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So, you’re searching for screen printing in Denver. That’s great! Custom t-shirts can be a great addition to your company’s marketing strategy. Though we live in a digital-driven society, offline marketing efforts can be an inexpensive and efficient way to reach new customers.

Online ads can be overlooked, but t-shirts are eye-catching and memorable. In this article, we’ll break down how custom t-shirts can help build brand awareness for your business.

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As the global pandemic rages on, almost everyone is being forced to self-isolate at home. Schools have taken classrooms online and every teacher knows that it can be difficult to keep your students engaged during this time. We’re all going a little stir-crazy and your students are most likely looking for things to fill their time. You can go the extra mile for your class by organizing a t-shirt design contest with Out of the Blue! We’re putting our custom t-shirts in Denver to good use during this pandemic by hosting t-shirt design contests with local schools. With our support, you’ll be able to raise funds for your classroom and inspire your students at the same time.

Our School T-Shirt Design Contests

We’re proud to announce that Out of the Blue is hosting t-shirt design contests with local schools! When you partner with OTB, you can host a t-shirt design competition for your students who are learning virtually from home. Students need outlets for creative expression, now more than ever. This contest gives your students a creative opportunity during their self-isolation. A winning design will be selected by your school and it will then be sold on your very own virtual storefront, provided by Out of the Blue. As you sell custom t-shirts in Denver, a portion of those sales will be put towards your school or to a cause of your choice.

How The T-Shirt Design Competition Works

When you participate in an OTB school t-shirt design competition, we’ll handle the heavy lifting on our end. Our team of design experts will build an engaging digital contest announcement to send to your students. We can add in any design guidelines or restrictions that you might want to include, like no profanity or a specific design theme. From the comfort of their homes, your students will then develop their own custom designs for the contest.

Whether you want to select the winning design yourself or hold a class vote on the matter, the winner selection process is entirely up to you. Once the winning design is finalized, you’ll send it to us. At Out of the Blue, we’ll then build out a virtual storefront to sell your custom t-shirt design online. Your beautiful site will then be live for up to two weeks to receive online orders. Once all of the orders have come in, our design pros will print your custom t-shirts in Denver and then directly ship them to each customer.

While we handle the back-end logistics of the contest, the marketing process will fall to you. You’ll need to share the storefront via your school newsletter, virtual classrooms, social media, and across other mediums. The more marketing tactics you leverage, the more custom t-shirts you’ll sell and the more funds you raise for your school.

A Fantastic Fundraising Opportunity

Aside from inspiring your classroom with an engaging activity, you also reap fundraising rewards too. For each shirt that’s sold, you receive $10 for your classroom! If enough shirts are sold, you can end up generating an impressive amount of funds for your school. Once the orders are all completed, we’ll send you a check for all the funds that were raised during this contest.

You can put that money to good use for your classroom! From new school supplies to online resources, you have practically limitless options for how to use those funds. Your students will be thrilled to have new learning opportunities in the near future.

Alternatively, you can also donate those funds to the charitable cause of your choice. Local nonprofits and nationwide charities can put your generated funds to good use in a multitude of generous ways. With our custom t-shirts, you can make a strong impact for the greater good right now.

Improve Your Virtual Classroom With Custom T-Shirts In Denver

This tumultuous time places significant stress on teachers everywhere. At-home classes pose a tremendous challenge to keeping students engaged and interested in their schoolwork. A t-shirt design contest could be exactly what you need to inspire your students and keep your class on track. With Out of the Blue, you can provide fundraising support and a creative outlet for your classroom.

Are you ready to get your students started on this creative contest? Then register with OTB today to get the ball rolling for your students’ custom t-shirts in Denver.

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Monday, 16 July 2018 16:41

Shop Dogs: Muttley

They don’t call a dog “mans best friend” for nothing. There are many social and emotional benefits for a person to own a dog, especially having the opportunity to work alongside your dog each day. Meet Muttley. He is one of the shop dogs here at Out of the Blue. He is Blue’s family dog, and his companionship with all of us here is priceless. Although he is small, he adds abundant joy by welcoming everyone into the facility. He loves kids, knows all the distribution drivers, and gladly welcomes clients when they come to pick up their merchandise. He just turned 3 back in March, and he is the 3rd shop dog we have had.

Blue’s first dog that he would bring to work was named Slappy. He too was adored by the Grimes family and the OTB family. We had Slappy for a long time, and he had a great life. Unfortunately he died of cancer when he was around five years old. Then there was Gator, the shop dog. We had Gator for two years, until a car hit him in front of Blue’s house. Leaving Blue’s family, and the shop, with another serious void.

Blue and his wife adopted Muttley a week after Gator’s untimely death to help move on from Gator’s passing. The adoption agency said that Muttley was a Labrador, Pointer mix. But we think he is probably a Lab/Pit mix. Muttley was only 5 weeks old when he was adopted; he was rescued from New Mexico. The adoption place is called All Aboard Animal Rescue. They were actually clients of ours before the adoption took place, and they remain valued customers and friends to this day. Muttley was discovered on All Aboard Animal Rescue’s Facebook page, and he was adopted shortly after. If you are looking to adopt a best friend you can visit All Aboard’s website at http://aaanimalrescue.org/.

Blue’s wife has a cousin that trains guard dogs and he is the owner of Top Dog Protection. He takes on dogs that are too aggressive to remain with their current families and trains them to be guard dogs. He also has various obedience level training options for family dogs. Muttley got his training there beginning when he was eight weeks old. It was a month long program. We traded our screen-printing services for his dog training services. Muttley came back to us a superstar dog. He was perfectly house trained, obedient, and well read. If you are interested their services you can visit their website at https://www.denversecuritydogs.com/.

Muttley comes to work with Blue everyday. Larry, Blue’s father in law, also walks him twice a day. Muttley knows everyone that comes through our doors from the employees, to the drivers, to the clients. He truly is our brand ambassador. He loves kids, and hates car rides. During his commute to work he gets nervous and drools, but once he gets to the shop he is back to his happy self. He also likes to play with the other shop dog Frank. Frank belongs to our screen technician Nick Southwell. Muttley and Frank can usually be found wandering around the office or shop floor. They boost moral and make work that much more enjoyable. Be sure to say hello next time you’re at the shop.

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Tuesday, 03 July 2018 16:18

Recycling Fabrics

As any screen printer can tell you, we all make mistakes. While OTB does have systems and processes in place to minimize mistakes, screen printing is ever-changing. In an effort to remain on the forefront of our industry, OTB works hard to keep up and be knowledgeable about screen printing and garment decorating in general. Sometimes when working to perfect a new printing technique, effect or using new ink(s) and/or substrate, garments are unintentionally “sacrificed”. This can happen in any number of ways, but the most common reasons that a garment is ruined are due to misprints, scorching or general garment flaws like holes, uneven seams and loose stitching. When this happens our team does our best to extend the life of the garment.

Screen printed pieces cannot be recycled and made into new garments because of the ink used in the screen printing process. Once this ink is applied to a fabric, it cannot be removed. Because of this fact, after the garment has been damaged to the point where it can no longer be worn, it often ends up in the dump, left to slowly decompose over centuries. This adds to an enormous problem; that our species is making more trash than we know what to do with. Not only is the amount of space that clothes occupy in the landfill concerning, but as the fabrics decompose they release what is know as landfill gas. The two major gases that compose landfill gas are carbon dioxide and methane. Both of which are major contributors to the runaway green house gas effect.

At Out of the Blue, environmental responsibility is a core value. We strive to use only environmentally friendly products, supplies, and practices. Being that we are in the clothing and textile industry, we feel that we have a responsibility to minimize waste in our operations. In doing so, we hope to reduce landfill mass, provide materials for those who can re-purpose fabrics, and decrease the amount of energy that would otherwise be used to produce new clothes.

We do not waste any fabrics! Every textile is used multiple times in-house until it is ultimately donated. For example, if we have an order for 1,000 shirts and three of the shirts that we receive from the manufacture have a small hole in them, we will send back the garments with holes where they will be recycled by the manufacture into new garments. But what happens if we have a misprint, scorch the shirt, or another manufacturing flaw is found during packaging? We bring in overs on ever order to “fill in” when this happens so we can immediately re-print the garments needed to fill the order. But then we are left with the printed garments that we had to replace. We’ve built a process to re-purpose those garments rather than toss them in the garbage. First they are used as test print shirts. When setting up a new order for production, we need to test the print to be sure it’s set-up correctly. It’s best to test on fabric. That’s where the damaged garments start their afterlife; as test shirts. Eventually those test print shirts will be completely covered in ink inside and out, rendering them useless as test print material moving forward. At that point the shirts are rededicated as rags for cleaning. We also welcome schools, animal shelters, mechanics, and other various third parties who might find use for these rags and donate them. At one point we worked with a rock climbing company that picked up these garments and re-manufactured them into chalk bags for climbers. There were no two pieces alike making for a unique and applicable new recycled product.

It is also worth mentioning that all of our ink is non-toxic and phthalate compliant. We recycle it as well. For example, we may mix two inks together to create a new custom color for a customer. Although we try to mix only what we need, sometimes we have extra. Instead of tossing the ink, we hold onto it for future use when we might need that particular blend again. We can also use it to create a new shade for a future order.

Another way Out of the Blue reduces waste is by printing all of our documents double sided, with the exception of invoices. In doing this we use less paper, and decrease the demand for paper processing.

It is important to OTB that we protect our resources and manufacture/print/decorate in such a way that is not only environmentally friendly, but that also promotes education and awareness about recycling in our industry.

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