Thursday, 23 August 2018 16:55

OTB Takes On Transfer Tape

Denver based QCD Inc. has been providing quality transfer tape services to the metro area for decades, and unfortunately QCD Inc. is going away… But don’t worry! Out of the Blue has partnered with Larry Randolph owner of QCD Inc. to continue serving transfer tape needs locally and in surrounding states. We want everyone know that the excellent transfer tape products and services that QCD has been providing for over 30 years are not going anywhere. Most everything on the production side will operate as it always has. Same product and service offering. Same production equipment, and even some of the same staff helping to make the transition and staying on long-term to manage all things transfer tape. The only changes will be the billing process, which will now be processed by OTB and a new online customer experience that will allow customers real time snapshots of their order through the entire process from quotation request to order approval to production to packaging and even pick-up. OTB and QCD plan to begin this transition in September, 2018 and complete it by November, 2018.

If you are looking to run any transfer tape jobs, or have any questions about the merger you can reach QCD Inc. at the same phone number and address:


303) 744-1146

Alternatively you can call OTB with any questions, or to get order info:

(303) 339-0916

From all of us at QCD and OTB, we want to say thank you to our loyal customers; for without you we would have to get real jobs.