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How to Design, Print, and Order the Best Custom T-Shirts

It’s stained, it’s ripped in a few places, and it has a hole or two, but you just can’t seem to part ways with your favorite t-shirt. For many people, t-shirts are a way to express themselves—to show what they’re interested in or causes they care about. And for others, t-shirts are free, ongoing advertising! So, how do you ensure you design a t-shirt people will actually wear? We’re breaking it down in today’s blog. After reading this article, you’ll know how to successfully design, print, and order the best custom t-shirts.

How to design a custom t-shirt (in 6 simple steps)

Design is arguably the most important part of your custom t-shirt. If it’s not pleasing to the eye, it won’t get worn. If you adhere to these six simple steps, you’ll design something spectacular.

  1. Explore your concept. Your first idea isn’t always your best idea. Do a full brainstorming session to ensure you create a concept that’s really going to resonate with people.
  2. Imagine it on a t-shirt. A design may look good on a poster or business card, but it might not translate well on a shirt.
  3. Detail matters, but keep things relatively simple. Small details can take a t-shirt from good to great. However, some of the most classic t-shirt designs also happen to be the simplest. Finding that right balance is key.
  4. Think about your target audience. What demographic are you designing for? Think about what they usually wear and create a design that aligns with styles and imagery they like.
  5. Use the right colors. Not only is the color of the t-shirt you choose important but so are the imprint colors. Pick colors that complement one another and ensure all of the text is easy to read.
  6. Properly prepare your artwork. If you don’t have the graphic design skills or knowledge needed to properly prepare your artwork, seek professional help. Many screen printing companies are happy to assist with t-shirt designs and will help bring your concept to life.

How to source the best custom t-shirts printing provider

Okay, your design is finalized and your artwork is ready. Now you need to source a trustworthy screen-printer. While it might be tempting to go with the cheapest option available, that typically isn’t a good idea. Exceptionally low prices don’t correlate with a reputable company.

Here’s what to look for to ensure you work with a company that’s going to delivery high-quality screen printing services:

  • Free quotes that include all production costs. Ensure you work with a provider who doesn’t have any hidden costs.
  • Wide range of t-shirts to choose from. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or cost.
  • Reasonable turnaround time. For instance, at Out of the Blue, we’ll get you your custom t-shirts in 10 days or less from the day you approve the artwork.
  • 5-star reviews. Ensure your screen printer has a long list of positive reviews from previous customers.
  • Automatic screen printing presses. These will deliver the best quality print job.

Placing your order

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list and selected a screen printing provider, it’s time to place your order. This process should be relatively easy and stress-free. If it’s not, the screen printer you’ve selected might not be the best fit after all.

Here at Out of the Blue, you can place your custom t-shirt order in just three simple steps.

  1. Request a free quote. Let us know how many t-shirts you need and give us a brief description of your artwork.
  2. Finalize your design. We’ll create a vector file for your t-shirt so all you have to do is approve it.
  3. Place your order. It’s really that easy!

Once your design is approved, your t-shirts will be ready in just 10 days or less.

Start designing your custom t-shirt today

Now that you know what it takes to create a custom t-shirt that people will actually wear, you’ll need to find the right screen printing provider. Here at Out of the Blue, we’re committed to helping you create the best custom t-shirts for your organization.

We specialize in bulk screen printing and always provide our clients with an exceptional ordering experience. From custom t-shirts to promotional products, Out of the Blue is here to help you mobilize your brand and take your organization to the next level.

Get a free quote for your custom t-shirts today.