Tuesday, 25 September 2018 15:25


Welcome back OTB blog readers! We have an extremely cool and unique client to tell you about this week. They are called EarthRoamer, and they are based here in Colorado!

EarthRoamer is an expedition vehicle manufacturer. They hand craft custom luxury mobile homes that are all terrain, and all comfort. Their solar/diesel hybrid vehicles are designed to take you to earth’s most beautiful and remote places without sacrificing the amenities that make you feel at home.

Out of the Blue was fortunate enough to screen-print some shirts for their annual owner’s rally. An event were all EarthRoamer owner’s are invited to attend and share the experiences and adventures they have had in their EarthRoamers. So thank you EarthRoamer for choosing Out of the Blue Screen Printing, and for giving the people a vehicle that can cater to their inner explorer.

They are the perfect vehicles for anyone who loves the outdoors, freedom, or for anyone who has ever contemplated faking their death and live off the grid. These rigs are custom made for each customer, so they can modify it for whatever you value most in a mobile home. For more info on EarthRoamer check out their website here: https://earthroamer.com/